New Location

學校本學年度已遷回 Julius West Middle School

We are returning to Julius West Middle School for the upcoming school year


Julius West Middle School

651 Great Falls Road

Rockville, MD 20850


歡迎 Welcome


歡迎您加入黎明大家庭! 本學年家長會的各項活動即將展開,其中包括舉辦迎新會、教師節謝師禮、聖誕佳節同樂會摸彩、春節慶祝活動、運動會餐飲、學年末野餐等等。 本會發行的黎明中文學校通訊錄,有精美的班級彩色照片,可以加強師生與家長間的認識。 這些活動的經費都是由家長會費支援。

家長會費每年每位學生十二元,家庭若有兩位學生以上,則收十八元。 請家長填妥下附的回條,交貴子弟或請您本人到家長會服務台繳費。我們對您的大力支持深表感謝。謹此  預祝貴子弟


會長萬世康 敬啟



Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Li-Ming Chinese Academy Parents Association (LMPA) welcomes you to the 2016-2017 school year!  LMPA provides so many extras to the school that enrich our students’ educational experience (such as new family welcome party, Teacher’s Day appreciation gifts, winter holiday party raffle prizes, the Lunar New Year celebration, field day meals, and year-end school appreciation picnic).  LMPA also publishes a school directory, which includes color pictures of each class.  We make all of this and more happen with your generous support.

LMPA membership dues are $12 per student, and $18 for families with two students or more.  Please detach the bottom portion of this form, with the payment to LMPA help desk in the school cafeteria. 

Thank you for your continuing support.  It’s going to be a great school year!



Jack Wan, President


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